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Your Alumni Association is now a 501(C)(3) Organization

You are now able to deduct your donations to the Scholarship Fund, the Memorial Fund, the Alumni Walls in the form of Bricks, 12x12 Blocks or Park Benches and the Eden Sports Hall of Fame from your income tax. The Eden Alumni Association, Inc. has been granted tax exempt status under Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(C)(3). This status is also retroactive to 1997.

This has been a difficult and lengthy process and we have had to formally divide our Association into two organizations. The Eden Alumni Association, Inc. is the group dedicated to collecting and funding scholarships.

The new Eden Alumni Society, Inc. will handle the social events such as our yearly Alumni Weekend, our Christmas party and membership dues. These items are NOT deductable on your income taxes.

We will maintain seperate bank accounts and accounting ledgers and there will be two seperate Boards of Directors, but for all outward appearances, everything will look and act the same. Our main mission will be as it has always been, funding scholarships for Eden students and maintaining an association which brings together Eden Alumnus from all over the country.

Slate of Officers 2011-2012 for the (C)(3) Alumni Association

FOUNDER - Jean Brusehaber Muck, '43

President - Carol DeBoi Nehring '55
Vice President - Richard Agle '62
Secretary/Treasurer Gary Nobbs '59-

Dave Allen '59
Nelson Nehring '54
Stefanie LaMastra Stayoch '91
Karen Sully '93

Slate of Officers 2011-2012 for the (C)(4) Alumni Society

President - Don Crowe '72
Vice President - Leanne Rockwood Guzzetta '76
Treasurer - Dave Allen '59
Corresponding Secretary -
Recording Secretary -

Joan Mertle Abbott '52
Richard Agle '62

Margaret Hammond Bennett '52
George (Skip) Ehrhart '69
Linda Adrion Lemke '68
Carol DeBoi Nehring '55
Nelson Nehring '54
Gary Nobbs '59
Debby Sherman Sargent '56
Karen Sully '93
Stefanie LaMastra Stayoch '91

EX-OFFICIO - Jeanne Johnson Thompson '67


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